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Personnel policy
Talent is the life, fully aware of the talent business, life will be terminated. Comprehensive implementation of the "talent level" strategy, the establishment of a comprehensive quality excellent educational structure is reasonable, and adequate professionals to adapt to the corporate business model to adjust the industrial restructuring of personnel, and work hard to make an inventory of all kinds of talents, cultivating practical talents, employ qualified personnel needed to retain key talent, "the second flyby for the enterprise to provide a strong personnel security.

First, make an inventory of all kinds of talent: According to the diversification of the company development needs, consciously in the course of business to improve personnel structure and foster all kinds of talents and smithery, allowing personnel to become more reasonable in the industrial structure, occupational division of labor. Existing talent stock, the selection can be made to focus on training, reduce labor costs.

Second, to develop practical talents: Based on the actual situation of the enterprise at this stage, training of primary first-line management personnel is a priority, the overall quality of supervisory personnel to be improved, comprehensive capabilities of the factory director-level management personnel should also enhance the training and upgrading, and only this part of the talent increased capacity, so that the grass-roots management smoother production to meet sales to the overall improvement of the operational level.

Third, the employment of qualified personnel needed: With the domestic market bigger, marketing, personnel recruitment introduction is imminent, there are currently urgently recruiting talent branding the director-level personnel and sent to the offices of the sales manager, and to expand overseas business operations personnel. Expand the domestic market is not sidelined by doing, etc., but should the determination of the exponential growth.

Fourth, to retain key personnel: the so-called core talent, superb professionalism and excellent professional managers conduct is in the process of enterprise development for the enterprise, or are being made outstanding contributions to employees, or because they the presence to make up for some vacancies in the process of enterprise development, or lack of staff.

Inventory of existing companies in all kinds of talents, and to develop retention measures. I think that to do the work of the following four aspects: First, strengthen the development of key personnel, the right talent in the right place, and the talent to play its role; second is to strengthen the recycling of key personnel, and continuously update their knowledge level of staff training in system science, the requirements of inter-enterprise competition for talent, but also employees in achieving the necessary conditions of their own career plans; to create a good working and living environment, work environment is very important for the employees work environment contains a lot of, for example, the office environment, work relationships, the degree of rapport between colleagues, the level of trust, etc., and this is one aspect of keeping the corporate culture; four is generous salary to keep people As long as the salary of an enterprise is generous, attractive talent, the staff turnover rate is low, if a company wants to retain the best people can not just expect to constrain the labor contract or career restrictions, but also to really treat people, the establishment of improve the incentive system. Let a good incentive system to take root within the company. In order to ensure to have more talents than other companies, IBM Corporation, the so-called first-class company, to cope with the wages to the workers’ class companies. It’s only first-class companies, workers will be workers who are first-class company is proud of, thus transforming the spirit of love and passionate about the works.
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