PE Cast Film Production Line
Technical parameters
Nuoda Company advocate the integration service of cast film machinery and technology, and always insist of offering the complete solution from machinery, technology, formulation, operators to raw materials, to guarantee your machines to start normal production in shortest time.
Note: 1)Working width can be defined by the buyer;
           2)Machine can do online lamination.
           3)PLC control, constant tension control, automatic winding;
           4)Special screw design, leading ability of plasticizing.
Product is widely used in
Hygiene products: surgical coat, backsheet of baby diapers, wrap film of sanitary napkins and backsheet of adult diapers, pet pad film, disposable underpad.
Technical Data
Model Screw Diameter Screw L:D Ratio T Die Width Film Width Film Thickness Liner Speed
ND-LY-1900 ∮110mm
36:1 1900mm 1600mm 0.02-0.20mm 30-120m/min
ND-LY-2300 ∮120mm
36:1 2300mm 2000mm 0.02-0.20mm 30-120m/min
ND-LY-2600 ∮135mm
36:1 2600mm 2300mm 0.02-0.20mm 30-120m/min
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