EVA Super Transparent Film Production Line
Technical parameters
Nuoda Company advocate the integration service of cast film machinery and technology, and always insist of offering the complete solution from machinery, technology, formulation, operators to raw materials, to guarantee your machines to start normal production in shortest time.
Note: 1)Special screw design, high ability of plasticizing;
           2)Leading mechanical design process to achieve incomparable transparency of EVA film;
           3)Advanced automatic turret winding is adopted, constant tension control, PLC human-computer interface, stable working at high speed;
           4)Embossing unit can be moved forward or backward and lifted up or down.
           5)High class inverters are used in embossing, traction, winding, close-cycle control
           6)On-line thickness gauge system is optional.
Product is widely used in
Cosmetics soft package, dust-proof cover for computer and electric apparatus, shopping bags, gift bags, folders, document bags, water-proof bags.Cosmetic bags, senior stationery, environmental Bib, wardrobe, fishing bags, handbags, luggage, etc.
Technical Data
Model Screw Diameter Screw L:D Ratio T Die Width Film Width Film Thickness Liner Speed
ND-EVA-1600 ∮110mm
36:1 1600mm 1300mm 0.05-0.50mm 30-80m/min
ND-EVA-2100 ∮125mm
36:1 2100mm 1800mm 0.05-0.50mm 30-80m/min
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