TPU Film And Laminating Line
Technical parameters
Nuoda Company advocate the integration service of cast film machinery and technology, and always insist of offering the complete solution from machinery, technology, formulation, operators to raw materials, to guarantee your machines to start normal production in shortest time.
1)It is integrated with unwinding, fabric heating, casting, laminating, edge trimming, scrap suction, rewinding;
2)Photoelectric web guider is used for tracking, digital electronic device automatic meter counter;
3)Advanced technology of PLC control, constant tension control, temperature automatic control;
4)Different rewinding ways for choice to meet  the different demands;
5)Provide different solution for various high and low temperature TPU  materials.
Garment industry: women's underwear, baby clothes, luxury coat, snow suits, swimwear, jackets, sportswear, hats, masks, shoulder strap, a variety of shoes, high class suits cover etc.
Medical Industry: surgical gowns, surgical sets, underpads and artificial skin, artificial blood vessels, artificial heart valves and so on.
Tourism industry: water sports equipment, umbrellas, handbags, purses, luggage, tents and so on.
Automotive Industry: Automotive Seat materials, automotive interior materials. 
Other engineering, construction, firefighting, military and commodity industries. 
Technical Data
Model Screw Diameter Screw L:D Ratio T Die Width Film Width Film Thickness Liner Speed
ND-LY-1900 ∮90mm
32:1 1500mm 1100mm 0.015-0.30mm 10-50m/min
ND-LY-2300 ∮110mm
32:1 1900mm 1500mm 0.015-0.30mm 10-50m/min
ND-LY-2600 ∮120mm
32:1 2200mm 1800mm 0.015-0.30mm 10-50m/min
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