Car Cover PEVA Film Casting And Laminating Machine
Technical parameters
This line is specially used for production of fabric  laminated car cover film, aluminium foil laminated car cover film. This line is specially designed and made by the NUODA company according to many years of research and industry leading customers’ experience of car cover film, using the advanced home and abroad manufacturing experience, has features of high yield, good plasticizing, strong stickness, and many other advantages. We has an absolute advantage in this field. 
1)We offer raw materials formulation and all other technical support;
2)It is integrated with unwinding, fabric heating, casting, laminating, edge trimming, scrap suction, rewinding;
3)Photoelectric web guider is used for tracking, digital electronic device automatic meter counter;
4)Advance technology of constant tension control, PLC control, and temperature automatic control; 
5)The layers of laminating can accord to buyer’s demand, we offer solution for single layer, double layers, and triple layers;
6)We offer different systems to meet different demands, such as surface friction winding, automatic turret winding etc.
Technical Data
Model Screw Diameter Screw L:D Ratio T Die Width Film Width Film Thickness Liner Speed
ND-FH-1800 ∮110mm
35:1 1800mm 1600mm 0.05-0.20mm 30-80m/min
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