PE Breathable Film Production Line
Technical parameters
This line is designed for producing PE breathable film with PE breathable granules by digesting and absorbing the worldwide most-advanced technology and applying cast uniaxial stretching technology.
Features of Machine
1.Equipped with professional extrusion and recycling system for edge trim on line. 
2.Equipped with advanced vertical or horizontal stretching unit, convenient and safe to haul-off the film. The stretching ratio can be adjusted according to products’ requirements.
3.The whole line is controlled by touch screen and PLC, and all kinds of buttons designed specially are complete, convenient and safe to operate.
4.Equipped with the latest winding tension control unit, with accurate, stable and reliable tension measurement and control.
5.Optional online slitting unit and online printing unit, it can realize automatic flow operation, save working procedures and labor cost.
Characteristics of Product
1.The new generation breathable film is with unique cellular structure. This special high-density cellular structure which distributes on the surface of film can prevent the leakage of liquid and let gas like water vapor to pass, so it is with the function of “breathable and waterproof”. Therefore, the water vapor in water absorption layer of sanitary napkin and baby diaper can go out through the film, which makes the skin is more dry. 
2.The film has the advantages of softness, non-poisonous, pure white, high purity and so on.
Main Applications of Product
1.Hygienic products: sanitary napkin, sanitary pads, baby diaper and so on.
2.Medical products: medical surgical isolation gown and disposable bedspread etc.
3.Commodities: raincoat, gloves, raglan sleeve, waterproof cloth and so on.
4.Building material: breathable and waterproof material, anti-dew film and so on.
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