TPU/EVA Hot Melt Production Line
Technical parameters
This line is designed for producing TPU film by extruder mainly with TPU granule and coating TPU film on the substrate to produce TPU coating and lamination film.
Features of Machine
1.The high efficiency plasticizing screw with the advanced productive technology can eliminate the gem effectively.  
2.The line is equipped with touch screen and PLC, specific anti-sticking treatment, unique winder unit, which is convenient and safe.
Characteristics of Product
1.TPU(THERMOPLASTIC URETHANES)film and TPU film lamination materials are new environmental protection product in international market of late years. Their superior property and environmental protection concept make it increasingly applied to every industry and common life. It has spacious market outlook and great application potential. This material is embedded in the soil and will be automatically degraded between three and five years because of environmental temperature and microbial action.
2.Good poreless hydrophily, good waterproof, warm and windproof etc. 
3.Its moisture-penetrability is from hydrophily. Depending on the different air pressure of inside and outside steam, the steam will go to low air pressure part from high air pressure part, thus it will form moisture-penetrability.
Main Applications of Product
1.Garments Industry: women’s underwear, infant garments, high grade windbreaker,   swimsuit, life jacket, sportswear, hat, mouth-muffle, shoulder girdle, shoes and high grade suit cover      etc.
2. Medical Industry: surgical clothes and gloves, bedspread and artificial skin, artificial Blood vessel and artificial heart valva etc.
3. Tour Industry: sports equipment in water, umbrella, handbag, leather handbag, leather suitcase and tent etc.
4. Automobile Industry: chair materials and internal decoration materials of automobile.5. Other Industries: building, fire fighting, military affairs and commodities etc.
Model(mm)  ND-1600 ND-2000
Screw Diameter(mm) 110 90/110
Width of Die (mm) 1900 2300
Width of Finished Film (mm) 1600 2000
Thickness of Finished Film (mm) 0.02-0.12 0.02-0.12
Max. Unwinding Diameter(mm) 1000 1000
Max. Extrusion Capacity(kg/h) 250 300
Design Line Speed (m/min) 120 120
Total Installed Power (kw) 350 450
Overall Dimensions(L×W×H)(m) 15×15×5 18×15×5
Weight(T) 45 55
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